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SAP Concur

The alternative in the cloud.
SAP offers Software as a Service and an End-To-End Process with the various building blocks of the Concur Suite. This means Travel Applications, Travel Bookings and Travel Expense Reports from a single source. Concur also offers numerous country versions and languages for international companies. Concur supports the processes through Workflow and Archiving. Concur shows its strengths especially on mobile terminals through mobile scanning and OCR. If you use SAP in HR and FI, you have numerous connectors available through native integration.

Concur Native Integration

The fixed-price package for all Concur’s new and existing clients. Individually customized to your requirements, it contains the basic technical setup with SAP Add-ons import, a technical requirements check and the interface settings for master and movement data.

Concur Preliminary Study

Every good implementation needs a clear strategy to be able to answer all the questions. neylux offers you a preliminary study service as an introduction to Concur, which describes the feasibility of an appropriate implementation solution. All requirements of the process are fixed in writing in a specification sheet for Concur before the contract is signed. In addition, a service and billing model is defined for you as the client in the form of a shared service provider. As the client, you will also receive a business case document from neylux and we will calculate the total costs for you.

Concur Contract

Concur makes your firm’s travel expense management considerably easier. But how can you identify optimum scaling? neylux provides comprehensive consulting services, as the requirements are high. Concur’s accounting model is thus volume-based and basic decisions need to be made. 5 different basic contracts with several potential solutions are available. Benefit from our experience and our successful projects in this environment to date.


Reaching goals in a split second. Our Digitization-Package means maximum effectiveness. We clarify the tax requirements for new digitization processes and define new procedures in the handling of photographed / scanned documents. neylux supports you in the preparation of the necessary procedural documentation and work instructions. Let’s discuss the future procedures together.

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